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Over the years, So You've Guides has authored numerous books to help you prepare for anything and everything life, the universe, and the multi-verse as a whole might throw at you. Unfortunately, SOMEONE forgot to read So You've Gotten Caught Up in Time Travel and the resulting paradox erased our entire back catalogue from existence. We're currently working hard to recreate those lost guides while simultaneously releasing new titles to ensure that, no matter what the situation, you'll have the information you need to survive.


So You've Landed in a Fantasy World

So You've Landed in a Fantasy World

A must read for any summoned, reincarnated, reborn, and/or portal traveling heroes!
Learn more about the book that E. Pevensie calls: “A wonderful treasure trove of advice.  Especially the part about not accepting candy from witches.”

Our Guides (Currently out of print due to timey-wimey shenanigans.)

  • So You've Become a Resident of a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland
  • So You've Been Chosen as the Pilot of a Giant Robot
  • So You've Been Drafted to Fight Invaders, Possibly from Space
  • So You've Been Mistaken for a Spy
  • So You've Been Trapped in a Dreamworld
  • So You've Been Wrongfully Accused
  • So You've Determined that You're the Only Sane Person in the World + So You've Come to the Realization That You're a Self-Righteous Asshole - 2 Volume Combo Pack
  • So You've Discovered that Magic was Real All Along
  • So You've Ended Up Entangled in a Needlessly Complex Love Triangle
  • So You've Found Yourself in Desperate Need of an Elaborate Cover Story
  • So You've Gained Super Powers
  • So You've Got to Solve a Ghastly Murder
  • So You've Gotten Caught Up in Time Travel
  • So You've Gotten Yourself Kidnapped
  • So You've Met a Cute but Mysterious Creature
  • So You've Somehow Summoned Cthulhu
  • So You've Started Yet Another Zombie Apocalypse
  • So You've Woken Up with Amnesia

Future Projects

  • So You've Been Pulled to Earth from a World of Monsters and Magic
  • So You've Decided to Brutally Conquer a Fantasy World
  • So You've Gotten Entered in a Death Game

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