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About So You've Guides

So You've Guides is here to help. While other guidebooks are content with helping you learn how to build a web site or balance a budget, only So You've Guides helps you overcome life’s greatest and most exciting challenges. For decades we’ve been the publisher you turn to when you find yourself stalked by a serial killer, solving a ghastly murder, or navigating a needlessly complex love triangle. But we know that people today are facing challenges that are increasingly fantastical in nature, taking them far beyond the bounds of Earth to traverse space, time, and even other dimensions. To that end, we are hard at work creating new guides to ensure that you'll be ready for everything from unexpected trips to a fantasy world, to being chosen as the pilot of a giant robot, to accidentally summoning Cthulhu. No matter what strange, dangerous, or fantastical situation you find yourself in, you can count on So You've Guides to provide you with all the information you need to survive and triumph.

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